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You are looking for your dream home or a luxurious villa in Sardinia. The property-buying process can be long, stressful and expensive in Italy, especially when searching  with hundreds of real estate announcement or negotiating in a foreign language  or when unfamiliar with the Italian house-buying proces.
ResRei Sardinia is an Independent & Experienced Sardinia Property finder and we can help you. Let us do the searching, viewing, negotiating  for you.

As natives of Sardinia, our consultants:

  • Have in-depth and first-hand knowledge of the island
  • Understand the Sardinian real estate market
  • Take pride in their ability to represent customers’ interests throughout the house-buying process.

Trust Res Rei Sardinia to significantly simplify the property-buying process in Sardinia!

We offer a new approach to home-buying which keeps you at the centre of the process. We provide fully-customized services based on your individual requirements. Let us be on your side – the buyer’s side!

Resrei Procedures

We validate together your project buy home in Sardinia. Feel free to contact us for a personalized study of your project. We use a detailed form to create a profile of your preferences including your target areas, square footage, budget, style of home and any other criteria you may have. We use this information to read a personalized commercial proposal. If this proposition meets yours needs, we sign an exclusive search contract with you, that is valid for 6 months and renewable thereafter. To start as soon as possible your search, is very important to sign the contract by mail.

Once contract signed, once detailed specifications agreed, we start our search into entire market represented by real estate agencies or by private owners. An important part of our service consists to prepare a detailed report of properties visited by our consultant. These reports will be sending to you regularly to inform you of the progress of the search and to collect your impressions to refine our understanding of your needs and improve our search and offer the best solution for you.

When you are available to come to Sardinia, we organize an intense schedule, in accordance with your time constraints, to visit all properties that best fit your criteria. The search has been continually refined since the start of the mission, normally, at this step, just 4 or 6 homes must be retained your attention

Our transversal expertise, we permitted to advise you on the quality and to assess the value of selected property against the price requested. When you are found your Home, we will put you in touch directly with seller or realtor. We can help you with the negotiations on price and terms of purchase, in all objectivity. To make a clear decision, you can need specialists: notaries, architects, renovators. We are here to help you with our connections

You want to buy a secondary residence in Sardinia to spent your free time in a retreat away from your everyday stresses. You want to invest for your retirement. You are looking to invest in real estate for your children. There are many reasons that can motivate you to buy a house in Sardinia. ResRei is the best way to find your dream property in Sardinia.In a process of buying home overseas, ResRei is the solution to fully enjoy a positive purchase experience and rid of some practical problems.Concentrate instead on the choice of your home and not in his search! And after… Enjoy holidays!


Overseas Procedures


Equip yourself with knowledge and information. Knowing the type of real estate you would like to purchase is just as important as understanding how the buying process works in the country you are investing in. Seek advice from an agent or professional to know more about a country’s purchase regulations and legalities.

ResRei Sardinia will use modern tools, appeal to its extensive network, and pre-visit the properties in Sardinia that best match your criteria. They will assist you throughout the entire buying process, i.e. from the pre-selection of properties to the establishment of the notarial act. You may request assistance from the ResRei Sardinia team during and/or after the deal, for example to find a notary, obtain renovation or maintenance quotes, etc.


What, how and when to pay for your property is a big part of the buying process. Consider your budget to determine your potential investment. Costs may include legal fees, moving fees, insurance, etc. Professional advice will help you to be fully prepared for this step so you can avoid unwanted surprises later on.


The best way to get a feel for the area and the state of the property you are buying is by visiting it. Also, you will be able to meet the seller face to face and ask questions in person. Although this step is not necessary, it could be the biggest factor in your decision-making.

During your stay in Sardinia, ResRei Sardinia will make all necessary arrangements for you to visit the pre-selected properties. A discovery tour will be scheduled to help you confirm your choice and achieve your objective – find the perfect investment.

Moving in

Once you have purchased your property and signed all legal documents, the next step is to move in. How will you furnish your new property? Do you plan on buying furniture or shipping it via sea or air freight? Also, look into purchasing insurance for your property and belongings.

Renting your property

Renting your property is a great way to generate income. Consider hiring a property management company for maintenance and repairs of your property while you are away. Promote and advertise your property on websites and social media to attract customers.

ResRei is a real estate consulting agency that provides assistance with the renting of properties.


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If you propose a complementary service and you want to become our partner,
please use this form to contact us, we will review your request and we will respond shortly.


More affordable than you might think, Res Rei Sardinia is the smart solution to your real estate needs in Sardinia. From our full menu of services, choose only those that you need.

You are always in control, and we adjust to your needs and requests. The services we offer include:

  • Providing you with detailed information about Sardinia
  • Fully understanding your needs and requirements
  • Searching, preselecting and assessing all available properties in Sardinia on the basis of your criteria
  • Providing translation and interpretation from Italian to English or French
  • Advising on how to best prepare for a visit to Sardinia
  • Assisting you with the Italian home-buying legal process
  • Assisting you throughout all negotiations and transactions, including signing with Sardinian real estate agencies, lawyers, or notaries
  • Connecting you to our established network of contractors, renovators and interior designers in Sardinia
  • Providing customized services to address your needs.

Let Res Rei Sardinia be your property finder and assistant in Sardinia. We will make your buying experience in Italy a pleasure!

ResRei Sardinia  is an Independent Experienced Sardinia Property finder. It oversees all research and negotiations on your behalf, saving you time, energy and money.

Your visit to Sardinia will be more efficient, because the villas, homes and apartments you see will have been preselected according to your specifications. Visit properties that really measure up to your expectations!

And of course, ResRei Sardinia will arrange all property viewings at your convenience.
Above all, trust ResRei Sardinia to help you choose the right property investment for you on our beautiful island.

Traditionally, a glossary appears at the end of a book, in my case at the end of website, and includes terms that are either newly introduced, uncommon, or specialized. The terms related to the Italian real estate market are very numerous. If there are terms you want to know the meaning, please write to me. With pleasure I will add new terms to my glossary with your suggestions or your questions.

Agent's fees

These are normally charged at 3% or more to the buyer and 3% to the seller.

Codice Fiscale

Codice fiscale or “tax registration number” is essential to have a to purchase real estate in Italy. This number allows public administrations to identify citizens, Italians or foreigners. It has sixteen (16) digits and is delivered by “Agenzia delle Entrate”.


his document is the most important document of the real estate purchasing process in Italy, as it provides a detailed identification of the property which is the subject matter of the contract, and binds the parties to complete the transaction by a given date. This is a highly technical document. At this stage, a deposit equivalent to 20-30% of the purchase price shall be paid to the seller. These moneys are normally paid by the purchaser as earnest.


A notary represents the public authority. His role is to draw up all legal documents pertaining to the purchase of a property: for example carry out legal searches to verify the identities of both parties, make sure the property is correctly registered at the cadaster before sale, collect purchase taxes on behalf to Italian Government and recover notary fees before the signing of the Rogito, update Land Registry entries (at Conservatoria dei Registri Immobiliari) after completion.

Professional rates were repealed by the regulations on liberalization (decreto-legge 24 gennaio 2012, n. Convertito nella legge 24 marzo 2012, n. 27). For this raison notary fees are no longer subject to scales defined by minimums and maximums. The client is entitled to request and obtain from the notary, a quote that duly details the complexity of the services to be provided, as justification for the fees’ potential amount. In any case, the amount featured on the quote is not final, since the case’s complexity will be verified only at the end of the legal process. The tax on services (IVA 22%) must be added to notary fees.


The “Rogito Notarile” is the final stage of deed of sale / purchase and takes place before a notary with both parties present. The notary ensures all the necessary documentation is complete and accurate. By signing this document, the buyer become the legal owner of the property.

Quick Links

Fiscal updates

Latest News

New architectural projects

North Sardinia


Sardinian home style

Sardinian life style

South Sardinia

Typical house style


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 A land that has kept intact its traditions, has not forgotten its origins, and safeguarded its treasures, especially culinary.
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