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Resrei Procedures

We validate together your project buy home in Sardinia. Feel free to contact us for a personalized study of your project. We use a detailed form to create a profile of your preferences including your target areas, square footage, budget, style of home and any other criteria you may have. We use this information to read a personalized commercial proposal. If this proposition meets yours needs, we sign an exclusive search contract with you, that is valid for 6 months and renewable thereafter. To start as soon as possible your search, is very important to sign the contract by mail.

Once contract signed, once detailed specifications agreed, we start our search into entire market represented by real estate agencies or by private owners. An important part of our service consists to prepare a detailed report of properties visited by our consultant. These reports will be sending to you regularly to inform you of the progress of the search and to collect your impressions to refine our understanding of your needs and improve our search and offer the best solution for you.

When you are available to come to Sardinia, we organize an intense schedule, in accordance with your time constraints, to visit all properties that best fit your criteria. The search has been continually refined since the start of the mission, normally, at this step, just 4 or 6 homes must be retained your attention

Our transversal expertise, we permitted to advise you on the quality and to assess the value of selected property against the price requested. When you are found your Home, we will put you in touch directly with seller or realtor. We can help you with the negotiations on price and terms of purchase, in all objectivity. To make a clear decision, you can need specialists: notaries, architects, renovators. We are here to help you with our connections

You want to buy a secondary residence in Sardinia to spent your free time in a retreat away from your everyday stresses. You want to invest for your retirement. You are looking to invest in real estate for your children. There are many reasons that can motivate you to buy a house in Sardinia. ResRei is the best way to find your dream property in Sardinia.In a process of buying home overseas, ResRei is the solution to fully enjoy a positive purchase experience and rid of some practical problems.Concentrate instead on the choice of your home and not in his search! And after… Enjoy holidays!