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Overseas Procedures


Equip yourself with knowledge and information. Knowing the type of real estate you would like to purchase is just as important as understanding how the buying process works in the country you are investing in. Seek advice from an agent or professional to know more about a country’s purchase regulations and legalities.

ResRei Sardinia will use modern tools, appeal to its extensive network, and pre-visit the properties in Sardinia that best match your criteria. They will assist you throughout the entire buying process, i.e. from the pre-selection of properties to the establishment of the notarial act. You may request assistance from the ResRei Sardinia team during and/or after the deal, for example to find a notary, obtain renovation or maintenance quotes, etc.


What, how and when to pay for your property is a big part of the buying process. Consider your budget to determine your potential investment. Costs may include legal fees, moving fees, insurance, etc. Professional advice will help you to be fully prepared for this step so you can avoid unwanted surprises later on.


The best way to get a feel for the area and the state of the property you are buying is by visiting it. Also, you will be able to meet the seller face to face and ask questions in person. Although this step is not necessary, it could be the biggest factor in your decision-making.

During your stay in Sardinia, ResRei Sardinia will make all necessary arrangements for you to visit the pre-selected properties. A discovery tour will be scheduled to help you confirm your choice and achieve your objective – find the perfect investment.

Moving in

Once you have purchased your property and signed all legal documents, the next step is to move in. How will you furnish your new property? Do you plan on buying furniture or shipping it via sea or air freight? Also, look into purchasing insurance for your property and belongings.

Renting your property

Renting your property is a great way to generate income. Consider hiring a property management company for maintenance and repairs of your property while you are away. Promote and advertise your property on websites and social media to attract customers.

ResRei is a real estate consulting agency that provides assistance with the renting of properties.