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How do real estate agents and consultants work together?

A real estate agent will provide all the information related to the property being sold. A real estate consultant will take this information, and after careful consideration, present it to the prospective buyer determine whether the property will meet the buyer’s demands.
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Should a foreigner hire a real estate consultant?

It is highly advisable for a foreigner to hire a real estate consultant. Working with a real estate consultant saves the prospective buyer time, energy, and money.
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How is a real estate agent different from a real estate consultant?

Although the two professions may seem similar, they are actually quite different. A real estate agent’s goal is mainly to sell property, while a real estate consultant’s goal is a successful transaction resulting in a satisfied client.
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What are the notary fees comprised of?

The notary fees correspond to the value of the property and the services provided by the notary. The purchaser can request a detailed quote from the notary, but the final amount will only be verified at the end of the legal process. A 21% service tax is added to notary fees.
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Are there any other taxes for property owners?

Yes, there are taxes on main and secondary residences, called the Single Municipal Tax, and the domestic waste tax.
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