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Update on “1 euro houses” in Sardinia

on Jan 2, 2018 | 0 comments
1 euro houses in Sardinia: dream or reality? Buying a home that needs major renovations overseas is a very complex project. It is a process that requires time and passion. When you want to buy a home at just one euro, you have two main challenges: falling in love with the village where these houses are offered at 1 euro and to be first in the buyers ranking if, on the same property, there are more buyers
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Alghero: Italy’s Last Bastion of Catalan Language Struggles to Keep It Alive

on Jan 10, 2017 | 0 comments
ALGHERO, Italy — The first Catalans reached Sardinia in the 14th century, when troops sailed from the eastern coast of what is now Spain as part of an expansion into the Mediterranean. After an uprising slaughtered the forces garrisoned in this northern port on the island, King Peter IV expelled many of the locals. In their place, he populated Alghero mostly with convicts, prostitutes and other undesirables, many of them Catalans.
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Su Filindeu: The secret behind Italy’s rarest PASTA

on Nov 5, 2016 | 0 comments
Away from its famed cerulean seas, Sardinia’s craggy interior is a twisting maze of deep chasms and impenetrable massifs that shelter some of Europe’s most ancient traditions. Residents here still speak Sardo, the closest living form of Latin. Grandmothers gaze warily at outsiders from under embroidered veils. And, in a modest apartment in the town of Nuoro, a slight 62-year-old named Paola Abraini wakes up every day at 7 am to begin making su filindeu – the rarest pasta in the world.
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CLASSED IN: Latest News, Sardinian life style, Sardinian style

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